About the fund


The Maltese Investment Fund ECDP INVESTMENT SICAV P.L.C.

An investment fund is a proven form of investing and multiplying capital. Formally the investment fund is regulated by MFSA (The Malta Financial Services Authority – equivalent to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. It is therefore the official financial institution of an EU Member State. The investment fund has a professional management board and submits periodic reports to the government institutions.


2.5 million euro

minimum investment value

10 thousands of euros

minimum investor contribution

10 %

maximum level of investng capital in one investment

How does it work?

The investment is made through an investment fund or sub-fund, allowing the client to have full knowledge and control over the functioning of the business while offering all the benefits provided by Maltese Law.


A Polish entrepreneur prepares an investment in a property or properties located in Poland


Acquires units in a sub-fund or creates his own investment fund in Malta.


The fund acquires the particular property while the client benefits from the preferential tax rate.


This model can be used to purchase one or more properties. Due to the organizational costs, it is suggested that the initial investment value should be at least PLN 10 million.


  • Excellent investment solution for developers and the real estate industry
  • Preferential tax rate on investment return through the fund
  • Secure capital investment
  • Formalities kept to minimum
  • Minimum diversification obligations

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Own investment fund

Provides full control over finances, at the same time allowing to carry out activities that cannot be conducted within the sub-fund. It involves a complicated registration procedure, fully supported by ECDP.


Provides full control over finances, can be launched faster than own fund without major bureaucratic restrictions. Possibbility of quick adaptation of investment to the highly volatile market can be challenging though.


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ECDP Investment Fund

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