How to join the fund?

Within the ECDP INVESTMENT SICAV P.L.C. umbrella fund many sub-funds may be created. For each Investor, a separate Sub-Fund can be set -up , with separate assets, assigned only to it. It gives the investor the security of assets under the given Sub-Fund and tax preferences.

The Sub-Fund together with its assets are separated from the other Sub-Funds and are also independent of the rights and obligations associated with the assets of the other Sub-Funds.

The Sub-Fund issues a series of shares that are assigned to this particular Sub-Fund. In exchange for shares, the Investor makes an investment contribution in cash or in kind.

The use of the Sub-Fund gives investors the opportunity to participate in profits generated only by this particular Sub-Fund.

Income tax on return on investments through the ECDP INVESTMENT SICAV PLC umbrella fund will be calculated on preferential terms.


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We invite you to contact us.

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